Monthly Breathwork Meditation Circles 

Join me in a small group setting to explore the healing power of your breath in community. If you're ready to release, rest, recharge and deeply connect with yourself and some other amazing humans, I'd love for you to join us.

Some doors only open from the inside. Breath is one of the tools to access that door.
— Max Strom

Upcoming CircleS:

Friday, october 25

Saje Natural Wellness
1911 4th St, Berkeley, CA


Breathwork is an active meditation fueled by a consistent, conscious breathing technique. It is a powerful tool to help you quiet your mind, connect with your body and heart, release stuck energy and emotion, dissolve stress and anxiety, and experience deeper levels of spiritual connection. 


The breath is the most basic and profound doorway to access your life force energy and consciousness. The simple and profound practice of actively using breath to fill yourself with oxygen and move stuck energy out of your body feels like a highly focused meditation combined with the rejuvenation of a great nap and the deep emotional release of a good cry. It has this unexpected power to melt away what's no longer yours to keep and reconnect you squarely with the essence of who you are. Breath brings new life, always. 

We'll begin in circle, claiming our intentions for our practice. Then we will spread out and get comfy on our mats to begin a 50-minute breathwork journey, guided by a two-part pranayama breath, music and essential oils. You will use the fullness and healing power of each breath to feel your intentions, move through your limitations, nourish your nervous system, and deeply connect with your own energy and wisdom. Our group size will be limited so you can receive individual support and guidance, if needed. We will close in circle, with plenty of time for sharing and integration.

No previous experience is required, just a willingness to explore the process. While the breathing practice is different for everyone and each journey is unique, some benefits and experiences may include: 
- emotional release and healing
- letting go of old stories, trauma, energy and experiences that no longer serve you
- a deeper connection to Self and Spirit
- tapping into to your intution and strength 
- reduced stress and anxiety
- improved sleep and ability to relax/rest
- feeling lighter, clearer and more joyful


- A small pillow 
- an eye mask (if you want to block out light)
- a water bottle and journal 
- wear light, comfy clothing you'd want to sit and lay down in for several hours
- Please note: breathwork is most comfortable and effective when your stomach is not full. Please refrain from eating a heavy meal prior to the workshop. 

Participant Love:

“Bonnie's Breath Workshop was an unexpected surprise. I went to class with the intention of bringing in more calm and presence into my life. What I experienced was a letting go of current emotional pain I didn't know I was holding so much of. This lended itself to my feeling more present, I just didn't know what was getting in the way. As a facilitator, Bonnie is knowledgeable and has a soothing energy that can be felt throughout the class. She is a gifted teacher and clearly loves what she does! I look forward to doing more work with her.” 
- Abbie Z.

“Bonnie's breathwork workshop came at a perfect time for me. I was experiencing some transition, and I wasn't feeling fully grounded. After the workshop, I felt much lighter. I was able to release tension and feel more grounded. The breathwork technique was new to me, and it's one I'd like to practice more often. Bonnie creates a very peaceful space, and I felt very comfortable. I highly recommend this workshop!” - Nicole F.

“It was my first time doing breathwork with a group, and I don't think I could've picked a more supporting and open community to do it with. Bonnie was so welcoming and filled with love! The breathwork itself was so simple, yet so powerful—I was pretty amazed at how peaceful, clear, and present I felt afterwards.” - Paul M.

“I use all the tech and all the supplements but I’ve never really done breathing. One session with you and I did more for my nervous system that I have in years of biohacking.” - Natasha M. 

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.”
— Sylvia Plath