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Here’s a snapshot of some of my podcast appearances and articles about my work over the years. If you’d like to schedule me for your podcast or are looking for input on articles related to health, wellness, self-care and entrepreneurship, please contact me.




Listen in on my deep dive conversation with Nicolette Richer about my full journey of healing— from reversing a chronic digestive disorder in my early 20s (that ultimately led to my career in health coaching), to overcoming adrenal fatigue and severe depression, to developing a suite a self-care tools that literally saved my life during a period of complete financial devastation in my last food business. This has been my most vulnerable public conversation yet about the true toll entrepreneurship took on my health, and the ways I learned how to keep my inner flame alive during that time.

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The Big leap show podcast: finding the courage to Start, scale and Sell a Business

I sat down with the amazing Kathlyn Hart of the Kathlyn Hart Show (formerly the Big Leap Show) to talk my entire process of starting Healthy Bites (with zero food business experience) and what it took to get it off the ground, scale the company, and eventually sell it seven years later.

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chapter be podcast

I chatted with Kirsten Blake, founder of Chapter Be— an organization that works to connect people to their true internal BEing as they write the next chapter of their life— soon after the sale of Healthy Bites. We recapped that chapter of my entrepreneurial life and the new chapter I was starting to write.

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.
— Anne Lamott