Work With Me


Individual coaching

Private coaching is the most personalized way to explore new holistic habits that can up-level your business and your life. Together, we'll develop tools and strategies that will shape your self-care foundation: nutrition, movement, mindfulness practices, and soul food, all uniquely designed to help you tap into the way you most desire to feel. We'll shine a light on dark places, re-align your priorities, ground into healthy practices, and clear space for more joy. If you're curious about private coaching, grab a time on my calendar so we can connect and get to know one another. 


business support

Working with a values-aligned team to reimagine systems and solve big problems ignites me. My broad range of entrepreneurial experience, from founding, scaling and exiting my last venture, has allowed me to hone the critical skills to support in many facets of your business. I'm available for ongoing or project-based support, depending on your needs. 


Group programs & workshops

Through group health coaching programs and workshops, I educate and inspire individuals and teams to integrate a range of self care strategies and choose whole and healthy foods that energize and support the body while helping them reach their personal and professional goals. Current group and workshop offerings are listed below. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a program for your company or organization.  



Breathwork is an active meditation fueled by a consistent and conscious breathing technique. It deeply oxygenates the body and gets your nervous system back into normal regulation, which helps with things like anxiety, stress, and depression. Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools I know of to help you quiet your mind, connect with your body, release stuck energy and emotions and experience deeper levels of spiritual connection. I facilitate private sessions for individuals, couples, co-founders and teams and lead a monthly group workshop.

Thoughts from Clients:

So much of starting a company is about mindset, and Bonnie has been integral to helping me work on my own mindset. She is both generous and supportive, and while she comes prepared to each of our sessions, she's incredibly capable of adapting to the realities of my current moment. I can see a palpable difference in how I approach my work and my day in general, and, most importantly, feel like she's given me the tools to deal with whatever life throws at me. I am so much more grounded than I was when I started, and am incredibly grateful that I signed up to work with her! - Alina S.

In a society that says ‘Put yourself last,’
self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.
— Brene Brown