I see you there.
The one miraculously doing all…the…things.

You go by many names: founder, leader, innovator, teacher, parent, manager, executive, entrepreneur. You’re the boldness behind the vision. You set the goals and sacrifice sanity and sleep to reach them. You show up and rise to the occasion and rally your people. You chart the course and carry the flame. But to keep the fire stoked, there's one essential and often overlooked element that needs tending: YOU. 



Self-care is not selfish.
It is the foundation of your brilliance and resilience.

In seven years running my own company, I found that when the to-do list never ends it's easy to end up at the bottom of it, again and again, exhausted and overwhelmed. But your ability to create with your whole self and not burn out in the process, requires intentionally and courageously taking care of your own needs...first.
(Yes, this can seem impossible. And yes, it is absolutely worth it.)  

Together we'll look at the following areas to help you develop a holistic set of tools, strategies and habits that are uniquely true to you, so you can build upon a healthy foundation. 


Nutrition & Physical Wellness

Eating real, healthy food and making your body move are the starting point in a solid self-care toolkit. As a holistic health coach, yoga teacher and breathwork practitioner, I will support you to uncover the nutrition protocols, exercises and breathing practices that make you feel your best every day and help you more easily integrating them into your daily life.

Time Management

There are only 24 hours a day to get it all done (and yes, sleep too). We'll customize specific keys to productivity and performance that can help you be more mindful, efficient and open up more space for you, overcoming that common obstacle: "I have no time!" Spoiler: with a few simple tools and tweaks, you may have more than you think.


mental & emotional Health

Stress, fear, and anxiety often come with the territory when you are brave enough to build something, and they can take a major toll on your mental and physical health. I'll listen, reflect and guide you toward practices that can help shift your emotional relationship to fear and stress so you can access more of your light. (It's still in there. I promise).

Bonnie Coberly - holistic health coach.jpg

I am an executive health coach, business consultant, wellness entrepreneur and educator with 15 years of experience in the health, wellness and organic food industries. I am a connector and a creative at my core, and I feel most alive when building something: a business, a relationship, a product or community.

My own entrepreneurial road has ranged from pure exhilaration to complete chaos, and everything in between. A unexpected turn in my last food venture brought on a total crisis of self care that forced me to look within in a way I never had before. It made me more honest and real, and demanded that I get super-human focused on my own needs to get through it: physically, mentally and emotionally. The experience of founding, scaling and selling this business- while learning how to unconditionally prioritize my own health and wellness- has formed the foundation of the coaching and consulting work I now do with others.

My driving desire to reimagine the critical role of business in solving our biggest challenges, while helping others deeply tend to their own growth, happiness and wellbeing, continues to fuel my work and the unfolding of my personal and professional path. I'd love to meet you, fellow traveler. 


Your ability to Charge ahead is Directly Tied
to your Ability to recharge. 

For the passionate go-getters making it all happen, one of the most challenging edges of personal growth can be giving ourselves permission to turn off, recharge and reconnect-- and learning to let go of the guilt and judgement that pops up when we do. I know what it’s like when you you think your people, your family and your team need you more than YOU need you. Creating space for yourself within your work is critical in combatting burn out, and it is no easy task to say the least. It takes a healthy dose of discipline and some practice too, especially if it feels like another thing you "should" do. And it can be downright impossible to know where to begin. 
(hint: it simply starts with getting deeply curious about how you want to feel).

My programs offer holistic support that fuels YOU first,
so you can keep bringing your biggest, brightest creative light to your work...and your life.

individual health coaching

Private coaching

If you're curious, ready and willing to dive deep + get super supportive 1:1 time to explore your specific challenges and deepest desires (that can lead you to your biggest breakthroughs), I offer several programs that range from two to six months. I reserve space for a select few, and my undivided attention, guidance (and love) is ready for you.

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Groups & workshops

None of us is meant to do this alone, and sometimes change is accelerated by like-minded community and connection to a bigger support system. My guided group coaching programs, breathwork circles and interactive workshops will give you actionable insights and tools you can integrate on your own time, along with a little help from your friends.  

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business support

Sometimes you simply need more hands on deck to help you tackle specific projects or develop a new strategy. As an entrepreneur, I have more than a decade of marketing, operations, business development and product development experience, and I can also support you and your business in practical
and tactical ways.

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Let's connect. Schedule a complimentary Session.


Curious about the next steps? Want to try on working together, talk about a specific need, or chat about a workshop idea for your team? Grab a time on my calendar for a complimentary 45-minute session. We'll begin exploring your goals, and you'll walk away with some initial ideas and actions to spark
healthy new habits.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”
— C.G. Jung