some things i believe:

  • No one diet works for everyone (actually, no one ANYTHING works for everyone) + diet dogma is super triggering for most of us. If you truly listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. Every time.

  • The root of self-care is self-love. And you can't give to anyone what you can't give to yourself first.

  • True health (and wealth) is living the life you feel most called to live. Passion and purpose, True North aligned.

  • Intuition speaks through curiosity. Pay attention to those peculiar nudges.

  • Dogs are spirit animals... like, ALL the dogs.

  • There is no healer quite like nature, and plants are among the wisest of our teachers.

  • A good bluegrass song can help cure almost anything. So can a good breathwork session. (for proof, start here and here).

  • Sometimes a long walk to awesomely bad pop music is necessary for survival— and happiness.

  • Kitchen dance parties are a requirement when cooking at home (bonus points for singing at the top of your lungs). Also, soup and margaritas totally go together— and should also be their own food groups.

My Story

(For the shorter version, go here. For the far more interesting one, read on...)

My journey into health and wellness work literally started as a gut feeling. I was in my early 20’s finishing my last semester of undergrad at Colorado State, when I landed in the emergency room with excruciating stomach pain. Many hours and tests later, I left with one bottle of Percocet. And zero answers. So, for the next six months, down the conventional medical rabbit hole I went. It was my first real experience there, but the process down it goes about like this: different doctors. too many tests. new prescriptions. repeat. And still no relief from the chronic pain in my stomach that was often so terrible, I could hardly eat for weeks at a time.  

When I was finally diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory condition that effects the stomach lining, I was given another prescription I already knew didn’t help me and told, “you just need to reduce your stress.” Fine advice, but my inability to eat without feeling horrible pain was exceedingly stressful indeed. I resigned myself to the fact that I was simply going to have to learn to live like this and do my best to manage chronic digestive pain, possibly for the rest of my life. 

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Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.
— Rumi